Marcus Hiles Austin

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Hiles Offers Resort Luxury With Quiet, Hideaway Homes

Marcus Hiles offers 15,000 upmarket residences throughout Texas, and in each unit, cellulose sound insulation gives renters the feeling of having their personal hideaway from the outside world. Though the properties display Hiles’ vision of…

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Marcus Hiles Donating To Benefit Texan Women

“Within every age group, Texas women have a higher poverty rate than their male counterparts,” noted Western Rim’s Marcus Hiles of Dallas. Data indicates that, while women head the household in only 20 percent of…

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Hiles Discusses Graywater, Permeable Pavement Trend

Marcus Hiles notes that architectural trends are extending to include outdoor designs that boast low maintenance and high style. This demand for open-air spaces that are sustainable and reduce costs is rapidly rising through eco-friendly,…